Oklahoma Adventure Riders


RockFest 2024
@ Cross Bar Ranch

November 20 - November 24

Join the Oklahoma Adventure Riders at Cross Bar Ranch near Davis, OK for our fall event, RockFest. Located in the heart of the Arbuckle Mountains, Cross Bar Ranch boasts 6,500 acres. With over 150 miles of trails, this popular off-road park offers a very diverse range of terrain for every skill level.

While Cross Bar Ranch is a popular park for all kinds of off-road vehicles, we have secured exclusive access!  That’s right. Traffic will be restricted to only our motorcycles and support vehicles.

The trails at Cross Bar Ranch can range from mild to wild, so be prepared. Tools, tire kits, water and snacks should all be packed, or dispersed amongst your group.

Group rides will be led by D.A.R.T. training staff as well as regular riders familiar with the park.  We will have morning and afternoon routes, allowing time for lunch at the main camps. Rides will vary from beginner friendly rocky loops with beautiful views, all the way to the toughest trails in the park, and when we say rough, we mean rough! Riders in each group will be limited to a manageable number based on the degree of difficulty desired by the group.

While solo riding is a great opportunity to stop and smell the roses, we’re asking that nobody rides alone off the main roads in Cross Bar. Our group led rides are a great opportunity to meet like minded riders, have a knowledgeable guide leading the way, and everyone loves help when that bike gets too tired and needs a nap! However, if the group ride isn’t your thing, grab a buddy or two and explore on your own. GPS tracks will be provided for the ranch and the surrounding area.

All riders must be off the trails by 4:30 PM on Saturday, or they had better be wearing some hi-viz items, or KTM orange! Deer season will begin and hunters will be taking aim at anything that moves.  We encourage you to stay overnight at Cross Bar Ranch on Saturday night for the wrap up festivities, including MotoDome!

Cross Bar Ranch
4550 Dolese Road
Davis, OK 73030

Event fee:

  • $20 per day plus a $30 event fee per person 

On-site accommodations available:

  • $35 a night for an improved RV camp site; water and electric (only 20 available)
  • $15 a night for a dry/boon-docking RV campsite (unlimited spots)
  • $10 a night per tent (unlimited spots)

Please do not book accommodations online with Cross Bar Ranch.  Payments including accommodations will be made directly to the Oklahoma Adventure Riders.  Registration will be available in June 2024.